Dienstag, 28. Juni 2011


As well as having the privalage of going to one the best festivals in the world this year, we also had the privalage of playing it. On thursday Great White Shark took to the Tripod stage at Glastobury, located between the dragon field and the sacred circle, to perform their latest hits of atmos pop with honorary member Johnny "the tambo man" Chantarasak. We discovered Johnnys talents on wednesday morning outside the ice cream van. He was flying higher than the main stage flags and was playing tamborine like no mans played it before...so we snapped him up, there and then. Heres a pic from the gig:

thanks to the people who made the effort to come all the way over to watch a man in a dress and a hippie on tambo, we appreciate it. Untill next time!...when the stage will be bigger and the dress will be longer.
peace .x.

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